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The Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and Marcel Arts Projects (NPO), are pleased to announce a new international artist-in-residence program that will be launched in the city of Umm el-Fahem, in Wadi Ara. The guests of the residency program will be staying in the renewed artist's studio located at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery premises in the city center.



Many artists-in-residence programs exist, all over the world. They serve as an efficient tool for achieving goals of all sorts. It enables participating artists to devote themselves totally to their creative processes, without distractions, in a placid environment, under ideal work conditions. It helps expanding the artists’ network of connections in the art world, and contributing to his/ her knowledge on the host community, landscape, culture and language. There are but a few artists-in-residence programs in Israel, and none of them in the Arabic sector.

An artist-in-residence program in Umm el-Fahem, would enable guest artists to become acquainted with a part of the country, a city and an art institution that are off the main tourism and arts routes in Israel today.


The Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, founded and run by Said Abu Shakra, has been operating for the past 20 years. The gallery has initiated and hosted a wide range of activities in the field of contemporary art, working in close connection with the residents of the city and throughout the Wadi Ara region. It has established its name as a leading artistic institution specializing in the study and exhibition of Palestinian art in Israel.



The program is intended for:

  • Arabic-speaking / Arab artists active in or outside the Middle East

  • Artists and other professionals working in the fields of art and culture and active in Israel

  • Artists and other professionals working in the fields of art and culture and active elsewhere in the world

  • Designers and design instructors in the field of ceramics, active in Israel or elsewhere

  • Photographers and photographic researchers, active in Israel or elsewhere



Main Points of the Program:

Invited participants would be free to continue to work on their projects throughout their entire stay at Umm el-Fahem. A private studio and various secretarial services will be at their disposal.

In addition, guest artists will be asked to participate in some activity, either within or outside the gallery, in cooperation with the local residents.

Project manager at Marcel: Or Frish

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