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a tri-lingual art guide, focusing on dani karavan's seminal wall-relief from 1966 "pray for the peace of jerusalem". the piece is located in the israeli assembley house, the knesset, jerusalem.


in a place like this - the plenum hall of the knesset - it is best to do nothing. in the plenum hall of the knesset - behind the speaker's seat, his deputies and the reader, perhaps a blank wall would do. is there really a personality entitled to stand out in a place like this? that is whay the functional is the general. the silent, not drawing unnecessary attention. being as humble as possible, silent - silence. maybe it is best to do nothing. have an empty wall. there were sketches and models - too much in them all. (dani karavan, 1966, p. 46 in the art-guide)

published in 2013 on the occasion of Under the Mountain festival for public art, Jerusalem Season of Culture (curator: omer krieger)

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דני קרוון: שאי שלום ירושלים dani karavan: pray for the peace of jerusalem

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