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Management of artist's estates and archives


Marcel specializes in artists' estates and archives management. We recognize the importance of integrating existing and historical valuable art works in archives and public collections, in order to expose them to the public and to the professional art scene, and to let them "live" as vital and meaningful organs in the present and the future culture. 

The organization gives utmost importance to the preservation and fostering of the artistic and cultural heritage, and sees this as a necessary condition for the emergence of a thriving culture. In Marcel we feel a sense of mission and public responsibility for achieving these goals.


We provide:

  • professional experience in the art and in the legal field

  • Personal attantion and custome made program for each bequest / Archive

  • Experience in working with artists and body works, and proven success in promoting historical works, integrating them in present culture and raising their intellectual and financial value

  • Professional contacts in the field of Israeli and international art

  • Pleasant and productive teamwork with the artist and / or with the archive / bequest owners


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