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MARCEL (Est. 2013, NPO #58-056-900-2) is an independent non-profit organization that promotes, distributes, and improves access to arts and culture among the general public.


Projects by MARCEL are based on its close and continuous connections with the art community and art institutions, combined with the desire to deliver and give access to high-quality public art.


MARCEL's projects are based mainly on cooperation with public organizations, governmental entities and municipalities (i.e, museums, galleries, academies, etc.).


The projects are developed to suit local needs, the time and the audience they address, namely, they are all "custom made".


Among the projects MARCEL initiates, manages, curates and produces:


  • Art exhibitions and cultural events for the general public

  • Research in realms of Contemporary Art and Art History

  • Production and publishing of art products and publications

  • Exhibitions and cultural programs for educational institutions

  • Guided art tours (MARCEL Culture Club)

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